​​ Mascara

Semi-permanent mascara guarantees a mascara look for 2 to 3 weeks. This treatment only takes approximately 20 minutes. You'll have immediately curled eyelashes with a mascara look in no time. You determine the volume by requesting application of several layers if desired.

Our lashes are both synthetic and natural fibers that we adhere to your own lashes, one by one.  We only use a medical grade adhesive. The end result is soft, light weight, flexible, and cannot be sensed.

Eyelash Extensions

European Facial

A skin tag is a small soft pendulous growth of epidermal and dermal fibrovascular tissue, also known as a soft wart. Prices vary according with the size and quantity.

Is a deep cleaning skin treatment that includes exfoliation and extractions. This is coupled with neck and shoulder massage. 

Semi Permanent

Skin Tag Removal


With its origin in India and the Middle East, threading is the ancient technique of hair removal by precisely removing unwanted hair. This occurs around the face; mostly on eye brow, the upper and lower lip, and chin.

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